Selling a Rundown House – What You Need to Know!

So, you’ve got a rundown house on your hands, and you’re not sure how you’re going to sell it. You’ve watched all the HGTV episodes and glammed up real estate commercials that have taught you that these types of houses don’t sell, and if they do, you won’t get anything for it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! All you need is a little help. 

Selling a Rundown House

You may be shocked to find that selling a rundown house isn’t as hard as it seems, contrary to popular belief. Even if you’re in a poor location with less-than-ideal neighbors, you can still manage to sell your home quickly and easily with the right tips. 

Continue reading below for some helpful advice for selling a rundown house in Nebraska, along with a few different home selling methods. 

Tips for Selling a Rundown House in Nebraska

Many Nebraska homes aren’t in the best shape and can be difficult to put on the market if you don’t have the proper strategy in place. It’s hard to make something old and rundown look attractive again, but there are things you can do to make it happen. 

Here are several tips on how to sell a rundown house in Nebraska that you may not have considered:

Making Minor Repairs to Your House

There are plenty of minor repairs you can make to make your place feel more like a home or increase your home’s overall value. Some ideas that will help when selling a rundown house include:

  • Cranking Up The Curb Appeal

You don’t want people turning around and leaving when they pull up to the house. First impressions matter, folks. Add some lovely landscaping, mow and trim the lawn, paint the front door, or all the above. Whatever you think your house needs to look good, do it.

  • Paint the Interior 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good paint job. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will make the space feel fresh and more welcoming (it can also help eliminate odors from older homes).

  • Add or Fix Lighting

A dark home never screams “cozy,” it usually just sends people out screaming. Make the house more inviting by adding or fixing lighting fixtures in hallways, bathrooms, living areas, and the kitchen. This will brighten up space and appeal to more potential buyers. 

  • Other Miscellaneous Repairs 

These repairs can include patching holes in the wall, fixing leaky pipes, cleaning carpet stains, replacing knobs on doors and cabinets, etc. It might not feel like you’re doing much to add value when you’re doing these small repairs, but they certainly matter! 

Redecorating Your Rundown House

Redecorating your rundown house are key components that will help when you are selling a rundown home in Nebraska. You might think that this is a minuscule change, but they all add up in the end. Putting in the work now on a home makeover will pay off later. 

New wall color, better furniture placement, modernized lighting fixtures, and tasteful wall decor can all improve the way your home looks and feels. 

Remember, though, that the extent of your redecoration depends on your buyer pool. Do you want to sell the home to someone using a real estate agent through the traditional method? Or are you wanting to sell it as quickly as possible to the next interested investor or cash buyer? Weigh the benefits and disadvantages of your work and investment into your redecorating and go from there. 

Highlighting Any Issues with the House

Don’t mislead buyers by saying everything’s all good when it’s not. You must be open and honest about any issues in the house for their safety and consideration. Highlighting issues to potential homebuyers will instill trust between buyer and seller. No one wants to purchase a home from someone who’s not trustworthy. 

Be transparent about problems or major repairs you notice with the home and any that came up during your home inspection. Common problems include HVAC issues, roof repairs, faulty electrical wiring, and plumbing issues.

Pricing the House Right for the Sale

Pricing your rundown house can be one of the toughest things to do, but one of the greatest tips for selling a rundown house is to get the price right. It’s important not to price your home too low and risk losing money, but also to not price it too high and risk losing offers. 

Make sure you examine other homes in your neighborhood and the housing market, in general, to help you set a fair price for both you and the buyer. If you’re unsure of how to price your home, have it professionally appraised or reach out to a local real estate agent. 

Ways You Can Sell a Rundown House in Nebraska

You have plenty of valid options when it comes time to sell a rundown house. From real estate agents and cash buyers to property investors, you can take your pick. Keep in mind that the number of interested buyers will be smaller, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a good one. 

Sell a Rundown House in Nebraska

Although each person’s situation is unique, take a look at the different ways you can sell a rundown house in Nebraska:

Through a Real Estate Agent

The tried and true method for selling a rundown house is to find an excellent real estate agent that can walk you through each step and advise you. They have a thorough understanding of the housing market and will know how to price your home and sell it as quickly as possible. After all, that’s their job! 

The housing market is a crazy place at times, and sometimes you just need some assistance. Hiring a real estate agent can lessen the burden off of yourself and give you valuable insight into your home’s value. These people can also help you avoid potential pitfalls and guide you through the always confusing and complex closing process. 

With a Cash Home Buyer

There’s no rule that says you can’t sell your house without a realtor, in fact, it’s super easy to do so. If you’re in a pinch and need to sell your house off quickly, you can always look for a cash home buyer and give them a fair cash deal. Cash buyers can be individuals or companies who buy homes in an all-cash bid, where they will purchase the property outright without a mortgage loan or any sort of financing.  

It’s important to note that cash buyers will often negotiate with you to get the lowest possible price, but using them can be an easy way to get your home off your hands. There are tons of cash home buyers in Nebraska, just search for one and make sure they’re reputable! 

It may seem that you won’t get the best deal if you sell your house for cash, but you actually do benefit from a quick sale. You also won’t have to stress about extensive repairs, inspections, appraisals, or waiting for the buyer to be approved for financing. 

To a Property Investor

You can also avoid the stress of the traditional home selling method and use a property investor when selling your home. Property investors are individuals or companies who purchase homes to rent out, flip, or even put back on the market. 

In this case, you’ll eliminate the prep work of cleaning, taking photos, staging your home, and all the other beneficial things people do to prepare their home for the market. Investors really don’t care all that much about your home’s appearance (although it does matter somewhat), they care more about the financials. 

Overall, using a property investor can save you both time and money, gives you a simple transaction, quicker sell, and flexible timeline. However, there are a few cons as well, such as lower offers and potential scammers lurking on the internet waiting to pounce on the next seller they find (investors don’t need a license to purchase property, which increases the risk of scams). 

Selling to an investor often makes sense when: 

  • You inherited the home from a family member and don’t want to keep it. 
  • You have a foreclosure. 
  • You don’t have any financing options available. 
  • You need more flexibility in your selling timeline.
  • You’re relocating for your job and need to sell quickly.


Although selling a rundown house in Nebraska can be challenging in today’s real estate market, rundown house selling is still possible. If you find yourself thinking, “I just want someone to buy my house in Hickman.” Don’t lose hope! Consider the tips and methods above to help you get on the fast track to a home sale. 

In sum, make the minor repairs that are needed, highlight any house repairs you haven’t made to the buyer, redecorate as necessary, and list your house for the fairest price possible. If you take these steps and partner with either a real estate agent, property investor, or cash home buyer, you’ll be on your way to selling a house in any condition.

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