rental house for sale with tenants in it

Can You Sell Your Rental House In Nebraska with Tenants Still In It?

Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn some extra income every month. But after years of dealing with tenants, annual maintenance, and vacancies, selling can sound like a great option.  Maybe you’re thinking about selling because the real estate market is hot right now in Nebraska, and decided now would be … Continued
Can you sell a house in foreclosure

Sell A House in Foreclosure in Nebraska

Do you dread getting phone calls from collections companies or opening letters that say urgent or final notice? They’re all unpleasant reminders that finances are tight, and you’re getting behind on your mortgage payments.  Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people and seemingly overnight. You could be doing great, and then all of a … Continued
couple selling house online

Sell Your House Online in Nebraska

When it comes time to sell your house in Nebraska, do you know all the steps involved with selling online? So much of the home sale process is online these days. Whether it’s looking at comparable homes, researching the right prices, or looking for potential buyers, online resources are plentiful for anyone who wants to … Continued
A house in Nebraska for sale without a realtor

Sell Your House Without A Realtor

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to sell your house. But have you ever asked yourself, “Should I sell my house without a Realtor?” That question leads to another question, namely how hard is it to sell your house without a Realtor? These are great questions to be asking yourself, especially right … Continued
smiling young couple sitting back of a van moving out of state

Sell Your House In Nebraska When Moving To Another State

For many people, moving and selling a house isn’t a fun thing to do, even if the move is for good reasons. There are many things to keep in mind, like setting up utilities in a new property, changing your driver’s license, figuring out if you should hold on to your old house and rent … Continued
A Vacant Land in Nebraska for Sale as is

A Full Guide to Selling Land in Nebraska: Tips & Advice

Do you have land that you’re looking to sell in Nebraska? You need to understand the differences between selling land and selling houses and what challenges you might need to be prepared for along the way.  When you’re trying to sell a house in Nebraska you’re going to run into some roadblocks, but there’s a … Continued
An abandoned house in Lincoln Nebraska for Sale

How To Easily Sell An Abandoned House In Lincoln

Vacant properties in the U.S. are certainly a problem that has attracted attention from numerous parties. The existence of abandoned property in the country has reached dramatic levels even with attempts to find a solution via reuse. In fact, in the U.S., every one in 63 residential properties is vacant. In other words, nearly 2% … Continued
Male Hands holding documents with title capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax In Nebraska: What Is It?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to selling a house, like if you would like to sell by owner or hire a real estate agent, what your asking price should be if you should do renovations, and when is the best time to list your Nebraska property? Maybe you need … Continued
a hoarders garage filled with many unorganized stuff

How To Prep A Hoarder’s House For Sale In Lincoln, NE

If a loved one or friend is a hoarder, it can be a touchy subject to discuss. Being a hoarder is a unique psychological disorder that, unfortunately, has negative effects on the hoarder and everyone around them. Television shows and the media have raised awareness about the issue in recent years, which has allowed the … Continued
House and money held in two hands. Cash Home Buyers concept

Why You Should Sell To Cash House Buyers In Lincoln

There are several ways to sell a house, selling by owner, selling with a realtor, and selling to cash house buyers. After doing some research, you may find out that selling by owner isn’t as straightforward as you thought. Besides doing all the work, you likely will need to make repairs and updates to your … Continued
woman and for sale sign with house as background

Should You Try To Sell A House By Yourself In Lincoln, Nebraska

Selling your house by yourself or really by owner, that is, has become a really attractive option to sellers looking to save some money. But is selling a house by yourself really that easy and less expensive? When it comes to selling a home by owner, there are several things to consider and know to … Continued
Ways To Avoid Foreclosure with sign on the sheet

How To Avoid Foreclosure In Lincoln, NE

Are you looking to avoid foreclosure? In today’s economic climate, it’s an unfortunate truth that many homeowners have to consider the possibility of or are already dealing with the threat of foreclosure. What can conflate the concern for many is the misunderstands that exist around foreclosure and how it works. Some might think that if … Continued
man inspecting a run down house in Lincoln Nebraska

6 Easy Steps To Sell A Run Down House In Lincoln

Do you need to sell a run-down house in Lincoln, NE? Pop culture and TV have a way of convincing us that in order to sell a house it has to be in perfect condition with all the latest bells and whistles. We also see a lot of TV shows based around the idea that … Continued
Probate sign, stack of papers and gavel

Can You Sell A House In Probate In Lincoln, NE?

Sorting through a loved one’s belongings is never easy. And it is overwhelming enough when you’re wondering who might like a rock collection or those Frank Sinatra albums- let alone what happens to the house. Questions will surface like should you keep the property in the family? Or, should you sell it to cover outstanding … Continued
hammer and a house-shaped cut out

Guide To Selling A House That Needs Repairs In Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you thinking about buying a house in Lincoln, Nebraska? There’s a decent chance that means you have to sell your current house first. You might have a problem on your hands, though. Your current house could be in need of some serious repairs. Perhaps there’s some damage in the basement or up on the … Continued
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