Get Out of a Mortgage Without a Penalty in Nebraska

Get Out of a Mortgage Without a Penalty in Nebraska

If you feel the urge to get out of your mortgage early, you are not alone. Most people want to prepay their mortgage loans, so they do not stress about monthly payments any longer. For some, this means using an inheritance, pay raise, or savings to clear their debt. This is often a wise financial … Continued

Selling a House Yourself Tips

Selling a House By Yourself

If you’re considering selling your house, there are plenty of options to choose from, including selling it yourself. By doing so, you avoid the high commissions real estate agents charge.  However, it also entails a lot of work, especially if it’s your first time, not to mention the patience to deal with loads of paperwork, … Continued

A guy selling a house fast online in Nebraska

Sell My House Fast Online

Saying to yourself, “I want to sell my house fast online?” Selling a house fast online can be a hassle. Selling a house is mainly about supply and demand.  This law raises the question, how do I get on top of that supply chain in the Nebraska real estate market? Your marketing approach determines this; … Continued

Selling As-Is or Fix Up Your Home for Sale in Nebraska

Selling As-Is or Fix Up Your Home for Sale in Nebraska

If you’re trying to decide whether to sell a house as is or if it’s worth investing in repairs, it can be a challenging decision to make. Your choice will likely depend on several factors, including the condition of your Nebraska home and the state of the housing market in your area.  However, before you … Continued

How Much Does It Cost You to Sell Your Home in Nebraska?

How Much Does It Cost You to Sell Your Home in Nebraska?

When you think about selling a house, you think more about the potential profits, not necessarily how much it will cost you. But between realtor commissions, repairs, closing costs moving, and more, your total expenses can easily eat up 10% or more of your property’s final sale price.  In this guide, we’ll cover some of … Continued

Best and Worst times to Sell Your House in Nebraska

The Best and Worst times to Sell Your House in Nebraska

The Nebraska real estate market is rapidly evolving, and if you have considered selling your home, now is the time to learn how to optimize your sale. The real estate market can be complicated, as there are many factors and considerations for home buyers and home sales.  We have prepared a guide to help you … Continued

House in Nebraska for sale

Alternative Ways to Sell Your House

Are you ready to move? Changing homes is a common milestone in life and regularly considered one of the most stressful. It’s not hard to see why. Moving your life and family means coordinating plenty of shifting pieces. In addition to all the stress, there’s the question of selling your home.  You can work with … Continued

divorced couple decide how to share a house

Sell Your House Fast During A Divorce

Trying to sell your house fast during a divorce? If you’ve been through it, you know what a difficult and emotional process that is, so it’s essential to be clear about your goals and figure out which solution will work fast and work best for you. This is especially true if both sides of the … Continued

Keys on mortgage note and blueprints

Legally Get Out Of A Mortgage In Nebraska

The last several months have put a financial strain on everyone. A lot of households have experienced some unexpected changes, including unemployment and health concerns. Even divorce rates have gone up during COVID-19 and were 34% higher in March-June 2020 compared to 2019. Needless to say, if you’re facing financial difficulties right now, you are … Continued

Probate sign, stack of papers and gavel - probate process

Selling An Inherited Property Split Between Siblings

Have you recently inherited a property? Depending on your situation, it could be a blessing or it might end up feeling like a curse. Sometimes people inherit a house that they expected to eventually get but it happens sooner than expected. It’s also possible that you might inherit a house you didn’t even want. Or … Continued

rental house for sale with tenants in it

Can You Sell Your Rental House In Nebraska with Tenants Still In It?

Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn some extra income every month. But after years of dealing with tenants, annual maintenance, and vacancies, selling can sound like a great option.  Maybe you’re thinking about selling because the real estate market is hot right now in Nebraska, and decided now would be … Continued

Can you sell a house in foreclosure

Sell A House in Foreclosure in Nebraska

Do you dread getting phone calls from collections companies or opening letters that say urgent or final notice? They’re all unpleasant reminders that finances are tight, and you’re getting behind on your mortgage payments.  Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people and seemingly overnight. You could be doing great, and then all of a … Continued

couple selling house online

Sell Your House Online in Nebraska

When it comes time to sell your house in Nebraska, do you know all the steps involved with selling online? So much of the home sale process is online these days. Whether it’s looking at comparable homes, researching the right prices, or looking for potential buyers, online resources are plentiful for anyone who wants to … Continued

A house in Nebraska for sale without a realtor

Sell Your House Without A Realtor

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to sell your house. But have you ever asked yourself, “Should I sell my house without a Realtor?” That question leads to another question, namely how hard is it to sell your house without a Realtor? These are great questions to be asking yourself, especially right … Continued

smiling young couple sitting back of a van moving out of state

Sell Your House In Nebraska When Moving To Another State

For many people, moving and selling a house isn’t a fun thing to do, even if the move is for good reasons. There are many things to keep in mind, like setting up utilities in a new property, changing your driver’s license, figuring out if you should hold on to your old house and rent … Continued