A Guide to Selling a House Fast in Nebraska

It’s not often you get an opportunity like this. Your dream job, with perfect pay and excellent benefits? It almost seems too good to be true. 

And then reality hits like a pile of bricks. 

The position is three hours away, and you’re a homeowner in Lincoln, Nebraska! How are you going to navigate that situation being so far away? There is so much involved in the process, from the in-person showings and virtual tours to negotiations and closings.

You decide that the best option is to sell before you leave. But what are you going to do to sell your house fast?

It’s crunch time. You need to figure out how to sell your house in 5 days. 

Sell Your House in 5 Days

The guide below outlines how you can do it. 

Research Cash Buyers in Nebraska

You often see signs at the side of the road advertising people that pay cash home buyers Lincoln. These signs aren’t something you pay too much attention to until you’re in a situation where you need to sell your house

But how do these strategies work? Is this process even legitimate? 

You’ll feel better knowing that it is an actual operation and that people like you use them all the time. The people behind the signs are investors, both local and national, that look for homes to fix up and sell themselves. 

Essentially, you call them about your home and begin the process of establishing a fair price. With this approach, there are things to take into consideration:

  • Pricing – the buyers will be paying cash and also not using realtors. Therefore, commission and fees won’t be a factor. It is important to remember this when price haggling. 
  • Home Status – many buyers will purchase your home as-is, with no requirement for repairs. However, you do need to be upfront about what needs your home has. 

Another perk to going the cash buyers route is the timing. Without the involvement of banks and realtors, this type of sale can be completed in less than a week!

Work with a Top Agent

You can always sell your house without a realtor. However, it pays to do your research. Finding the best real estate agent can pay off in a big way when trying to sell your home in a limited amount of time. 

When starting your search for the top realtor in your area, focus on two factors:

  • How many closings they have had in the past week
  • How long the house was on the market for

You have to dig a little deeper to double-check that they were on the listing when the house initially went on the market. Although agents do have access to a database with new house listings, the database isn’t updated continuously.

The results you want to look for specifically are when the agent is the one listing the home and closing it.  This information will give you a good idea of the time frame they can sell a house in. 

Once you have identified a few agents that are within that spectrum, reach out to them. Make sure to fully express your situation and what you are hoping to accomplish. It is quite possible that with the right agent, you will have your house sold within the next five days.

Offer a ‘One Day Only’ Sale

This method of home sale is sometimes used and often with good results. The premise of this model is to hype up your house by offering a one-day-only deal. 

To prepare, you select one day where you will have an open house. Through your advertising of the event, you drill down that the house will only be available for purchase for one day. This approach instills excitement in potential buyers, driving them to come to view your home and consider purchasing it while it is available.

A few things to keep in mind if you decide to go this route:

  • You are not obligated to settle for an offer just because you’ve advertised it as a one day sale
  • Formulate a backup plan just in case you don’t receive a formidable offer during the open house. 

Many homeowners have been successful while using this method. It is essential to have a clear price range in mind and an idea of what path to take if you don’t get that amount. 

Be The New House on the Block

There are many ways you can drive attention to your home. One such method is by highlighting its most remarkable attributes and marketing them widely. 

When it comes to picking a component to highlight, you aren’t limited to just one. If you can, you could even make a quick curb appeal change that will impact people’s first impression.

There are many different things you can highlight to make your home stand out from the crowd.

  • Take time to declutter, have your home staged, and make a video of the result to share
  • Add some flowers or landscaping to the front of your home for curb appeal
  • Paint a fresh coat in the most prominent rooms within the house
  • Dress up your porch (front or back) and draw attention to its benefits
  • Add new technology (cameras, smart home devices) for inclusion in the home sale

By making your home stand out from the rest on the block, you drive attention to it. People want new and unique features and are excited when they have the option to own them.

Promote Your House on Listing Sites

There are new real estate listing sites popping up every single day. As a hobby, many individuals routinely peruse Zillow and Trulia. 

With that information, it is essential to take the time to list your home on these sites. Adding plenty of photos and even a video walkthrough will also drive interest into your home. 

Be sure to list all of the included features, benefits of your home location, and several methods of contact. This level of detail will give a potential buyer every opportunity to communicate with you.

Market Your House Like a Business

The field of marketing has exploded in recent years, leaving creative ways to sell your house. New methods are available that once weren’t, as most of these are focused on social media. With the implementation of social media, you have quick access to many individuals within your network.

With that, it is vital to use that leverage to your benefit when marketing a business or selling a house.  When you are looking to close a deal on your home in five days, you want to exercise all available channels. This strategy includes marketing on social media and other typical outlets that a business would market through.

The end goal is to have as much exposure as possible to your home to make the sale happen quickly.

Sell Your Property As-Is

When you are in a rush to sell your home, you often won’t have the ability to complete repairs or maintenance that need to be done. In the interest of selling your house quickly, you may want to consider selling it as-is.

Selling this way means that the purchaser will get the property in its current state. This method puts the responsibility on the prospective buyer to make the necessary repairs. 

Sell Your Property As-Is

When you sell your home in this fashion, it is not always eligible for traditional loans. This reason is due to the condition of the home and the ever-changing building code. Many loans have to have up-to-date requirements to meet lending criteria. Therefore, keep in mind that your market may be limited to those with alternative funding. 

Consider a Quick Cash Offer

If you get down to the wire, you are minutes out from moving out of town for your new job, and still have not sold your house, you may want to consider the last resort. 

If you haven’t already looked into the cash for houses programs in your area, you can take that route. However, there are national programs as well that will give you money for your home, and quickly.  For many companies, you input the address of your home, and within minutes you have an offer available to you. 

The offer may be low and not your asking price, but it may be viable to take it if you are on limited time. 


There are many options available to sell your house in 5 days. Some of them are more labor-intensive than others, so picking the best path is dependent on what availability you have for selling it. If you have little time available due to competing responsibilities, there are lower effort options out there. 

As a reminder, paths to take include:

  • Research Cash Buyers in Nebraska
  • Work with a Top Agent
  • Offer a ‘One Day Only’ Sale
  • Be The New House on the Block
  • Promote Your House on Listing Sites
  • Market Your House Like a Business 
  • Sell Your Property As-Is
  • Consider a Quick Cash Offer

In the end, the chances of you going off to start your dream job in a new city with zero mortgage obligations in your previous town are pretty high. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s away. Selling your home fast in record time is no exception.

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