A Living in Lincoln Pros and Cons List Not to Miss

A skyline of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lincoln, NE, ranks number 28 among the best places to live and the most likable cities in the USA. That is no surprise, given the numerous perks of staying in Nebraska’s finest city. 

First, Lincoln is home to the famous University of Nebraska, making it the favorite residence for most public sector employees. In addition, the city boasts impressive economic strength, with many employment opportunities in different sectors. The solid agricultural background in Lincoln means you’ll never have food scarcity issues living here. 

Lincoln also boasts a strong educational background, with some of the best public institutes for kids in high school and other levels. The low housing costs, numerous family-friendly features, and an endless list of exciting outdoor activities make the city a perfect destination for everyone, including retirees.

There are numerous reasons to live in Lincoln. However, the city also has some less positive aspects you should know about before moving. 

This article explores the pros and cons of living in Lincoln to help you make the right decision. Keep scrolling to find out more.

About Lincoln

Lincoln is the second largest city in Nebraska and the state’s capital. It lies on an area of 260.2 km², with a population of around 300,000. 

Due to the presence of several learning institutions and the popular University of Nebraska, Lincoln, this city has a vast population of students. However, it’s not a real college town, given that many residents comprise families. 

The city also boasts a massive community of immigrants due to its position as a top refugee resettlement destination. 

Lincoln is a perfect place to stay if you want to live in a big city but aren’t ready to endure the hustles that come with it. The city of Lincoln is well laid-back, with excellent roads and forms of transportation across the streets. It’s less populated, meaning less time on roads due to traffic and other stressors of big cities.

The presence of an airport, extensive rail connections, and functional biking and walking trails means effortless and convenient movement around the area. 

Lincoln also boasts an impressive agricultural background with exceptional food security. This town’s most common crops include corn (maize), soybeans, wheat, and sorghum. Most of the residents are also successful poultry farmers.

Lincoln’s city center in Nebraska.

Living in Lincoln

Lincoln is among the best places to live in NE for several reasons. First, Lincoln isn’t congested like some large cities. Thus, you can enjoy a significant urban life without suffering the hassles of living in big towns, such as traffic jams.

The city is perfectly located, with easy access to all the things that matter to its residents. Most of the state’s prominent tourist destinations are just a car drive away from the city. For instance, a three-hour drive will land you right in the middle of Kansas City. 

If you miss the actions that go down at Branson, Missouri’s music and theater haven, a single day’s drive is enough to get there.

Lincoln is an excellent destination for families with school-going children. It’s home to the famous University of Nebraska and a stream of public schools benefitting over 40,000 students.

And if college football is your thing, Lincoln has you sorted with the best of the game. 

Pros of Living in Lincoln

With a brief overview of Lincoln, we’ll lead you to the pros of living in the city. Here are some significant benefits to consider and reasons you may start looking for a quick “sell a house fast in Hickman” service and move to Lincoln.

Lincoln Has Numerous Employment Opportunities

Lincoln ranks as one of the top cities to find a job in the US. It boasts a low unemployment rate, with numerous job opportunities from various industries. The agricultural sector, for instance, is a significant employer, with different people working as meat packers, millers, farm-equipment distributors, and more.

You can check the manufacturing industry, which comes with employment opportunities in rubber products manufacturing, watercraft, equipment production, and more. With the city’s booming technology, more communication specialists, scientific experts, and software engineers are in high demand.

Also, the city is the country’s hub for healthcare and education, with numerous opportunities in pharmaceuticals, medical research, and more.

Lincoln Is a Foodie’s Paradise

Do you love good food? Then you’ll fall in love with Lincoln. The city boasts a pool of favorite dishes, ranging from Thai to burgers, grills, and more. The numerous bars and restaurants in the neighborhood have a lot of food and drinks to offer.

The Haymarket District is a haven to visit if you’re looking for the finest shops and restaurants. It’s also a perfect destination for great nightlife lovers, with successful microbreweries. As an add-on, the place also hosts some exciting concerts and athletic events.

The List of Things To Do in Lincoln Is Endless

Another reason you may not resist living in Lincoln is that the city has a lot to keep you interested. Being less populated means many open grounds to visit and spend time with nature. The Nebraska State Capitol Building, Lincoln Children’s Museum, and other hosts of attractions in the city will make your days more fun.

The city’s booming craft beer scene, live music venues, and art galleries are great places to spend time with friends and family. 

The Party Goes on Into the Night

And people with a vibrant nightlife aren’t’ lacking options in Lincoln either. The city has some of the best bars and clubs that entertain you beyond dusk. A trip to O Street opens your world to some of the city’s best music clubs and great bars that feel the needs of everyone.

Try the Rule G and Club Karma for great dance, or get some excellent nightlife experience at the city’s Brother’s and Sandy’s bar.

The Low Cost of Living

One of the most significant considerations before moving is the cost of living. Lincoln offers a great deal in this category. The city residents enjoy a lower cost of living, with a higher salary average than most towns of the country. 

The average cost of purchasing or renting a home in this city is relatively low. Also, healthcare, utility costs, groceries products, transportation, and other essential items and services cost much less here than in other destinations.

The cost of living in Lincoln, NE, stands at an index of 91.5, a rate lower than the national average. Add that to the low housing costs in the city, and you can be sure to get by decently in Lincoln.

It’s Easy To Commute Around Lincoln

Apart from easy accessibility, Lincoln residents enjoy maximum convenience when commuting. Navigation around the city is relatively easy and convenient, with numerous options available for all residents.

Depending on where you’re going and your preferences, you can decide to walk, drive, bike, or use the available public transportation alternatives (bus or train). The city’s grid roads ensure easy navigation. You won’t have to worry about where to park your vehicle as the town boasts several parking spots around. And there’s no traffic on Lincoln roads.

The beautiful bike trails and walking paths are excellent and perfect add-ons if you prefer walking or cycling.

Cons of Living in Lincoln

Even with the numerous advantages, there are some facts you may not like about Lincoln. 

Here are a few cons to look out for before moving to this beautiful city.

Lincoln’s Lifestyle Isn’t Sufficiently Diverse

Unlike most American cities, Lincoln doesn’t seem well-diverse for the modern world. Most of the city’s residents still live a reserved life, with traditional values firmly entrenched in their daily encounters.

For instance, not many Lincoln residents identify as LGBTQ. Also, most of the population is white, with only 15% being Hispanic, Black, or a mix of races. Thus, it’s not easy for the community to embrace anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Watch Out for the Tornadoes

Like the rest of Nebraska, Lincoln faces a fair share of tornadoes. One of the significant reasons for the frequency of this disaster is the city’s location in Tornado Alley. These natural disasters typically peak between May and June, and it’s best to prepare for them to limit fatalities.

Lincoln Has Higher Tax Rates

The cost of living is low in this city. But income and real estate taxes can be a pain in your neck. Small businesses and property owners in the town have a lot to complain about the high taxes. While buying or purchasing a home is cheap, the high business and property taxation can quickly deplete your profits.

The high tax rate is one of the reasons you may want to reconsider your decisions or seek a “we buy houses Lincoln” service to buy your property.

The Location of the City

Lincoln’s location can be either advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on your interests and preferences. This city’s demography is flat, away from the oceans and mountains. Thus, it isn’t the ideal destination if you’re looking to interact with more natural features, hike mountains, or walk along the beaches.

The Crime Rate Record

Another significant consideration you may want to make before relocating to Lincoln is the crime rate. According to Neighborhood Scout, up to 32 residents per 1,000 are at risk of falling victim to violence and other crimes in Lincoln. 

Pros & Cons of Living in Lincoln: Final Thoughts

Lincoln is a great place to live. With a sound education system, vibrant party and nightlife, and several employment opportunities, the city is the ultimate destination for families, job seekers, and students.

However, like any other place, Lincoln has its share of cons you deserve to know before relocating. Here, we’ve covered all the pros and cons of living in this great Nebraska city. 

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