Best Places to Live for Families in Lincoln NE

Moving to a new place is hard. You have to do countless hours of research to figure out the best place to live that matches your lifestyle and budget. It’s especially complicated if you’re looking for a family-friendly location. 

Nebraska ranks as one of the best places to raise a family, but that doesn’t make finding a home easier. Luckily, we buy homes in Omaha residents demand and that fit those looking to raise a family in Lincoln.

Keep reading for places that have the best Lincoln NE city vibe for families.

Best Places to Live for Families in Lincoln NE

Best Places to Live in Lincoln for Families of 4

Lincoln has the second-largest public school district in Nebraska. You can easily find affordable places to live. The median home value is $268,348, below the national average of $374,900. The cost of living in the town is slightly higher than average.

If you’re concerned about childcare, there are countless daycares for you to choose from. 

Here are some places in the Lincoln area where you and your family can experience a high quality of life at a low cost. 

Porter Ridge

Porter Ridge has a livability score of 83, crime rates that are 44% lower than the Lincoln average, exceptional education programs, and local amenities that are easily accessible for you and your family.

Unfortunately, housing in Porter Ridge is high for both home buyers and renters. The cost of living in Porter Ridge is also 12% higher than the Lincoln average. 

Despite the high housing costs, 60% of Porter Ridge residents are families with kids under 18 years of age, making it perfect for families of 4.

Country Club

Country Club has a high livability score of 88 and is the fourth-best neighborhood in Lincoln and Nebraska. While living in the Country Club area, you can expect plenty of amenities, a high employment rate, and excellent schools for your children. Crime rates are also 5% lower than the Lincoln average.

The downside to living in Country Club is real estate prices, which are 26% higher than the average in Lincoln. On the other hand, renters are lucky to know that rental prices are 73% lower than the Lincoln average.

Country Club is a popular location for families with kids under 18, which make up 42% of the neighborhood population.

Family Acres

Family Acres has an impressive livability score of 87. It’s the eighth-best neighborhood in Lincoln and Nebraska and is an overall great location for you and your family. It’s close to parks, restaurants, and other amenities, so you’ll always have something to do.

Almost half of the Family Acres population has children, and children from the community score significantly higher than the national average. Daily Acres also has a high employment rate, with $102,353 being the median household income. 

The median home price for Family Acres is 350,000, and the cost of living is more expensive than the national average.

Yankee Hill

With a livability score of 83, and a population of under 200, Yankee Hill is another tight-knit community, but it’s for the people who prefer the suburbs. The community has a sizable child population and is close to several private and public top schools.

Living in Yankee Hill is expensive. The median home cost in the area is $498,000, which is well above average. Yankee Hill has a high employment rate and ample amenities; however, the crime rate is higher than the national average. 

Best Places to Live in Lincoln for Families with Teenagers

Lincoln is home to South East High School, and Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School, which are known for their athletic programs. Lincoln is also a college town that is suitable for families with teens. If the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln is on your child’s college list or want to be part of top high school athletic programs, you should consider moving to these places:

Capitol Beach

Capitol Beach is about 10 minutes from UNL and has a livability score of 91. Although the cost of living in Capitol Beach is 1% higher than the Lincoln average, real estate prices are 5% lower. Rental prices, on the other hand, are 23% higher.

This neighborhood is also close to educational opportunities for teens like the Sheldon Museum of Art, State Museum of Natural History, the Arts and Humanities Focus Program, and the Science Focus Program.

Bishop Park

Bishop Park is another option for living close to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the previously mentioned educational opportunities. This neighborhood has an outstanding livability score of 93 and is close to Lincoln Southeast High School. 

Unlike Capitol Beach, real estate prices are 20% higher than the Lincoln average. Even higher are the rental prices, which are 84% above the average. 


To live close to Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School and enroll your teen in their athletic program, consider Eastridge. With a livability score of 87, Eastridge is only a two-minute drive from Lincoln Pius X. Eastridge is also close to Lincoln East High School if your teen decides to enroll there instead.

If you decide to live in Eastridge, expect the cost of living and housing to be higher than the Lincoln average. Despite the higher housing prices, teens have access to quality education and various amenities. 

Best Places to Live in Lincoln for Families Who Exercise Often

Best Places to Live in Lincoln for Families Who Exercise Often

According to USA Today, adults in Lincoln are more likely to exercise regularly than the average American adult. So if getting fit is a top priority for you and your family, here are the options that fit an active lifestyle:

Downtown Lincoln

Downtown Lincoln has a variety of fitness places for families and individuals. Classes and facilities you can easily find downtown include cycling, HIIT, sculpting, yoga, barre, and more. 

Downtown and Malone are perfect for families looking to access these classes. Everett is also a good neighborhood within proximity to the downtown area.

East Lincoln

If you are a fan of Genesis Health Club, there are three locations in East Lincoln alone, one being a racquet club. You can also find mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms in East Lincoln.

We recommend living in the Colonial Hills, South 48th Street, and Greater South neighborhoods to be close to these fitness amenities. 

Best Places to Live in Lincoln for Families Who Like to Socialize

Lincoln is bustling with activity. If you’re a fan of craft beer, you’ll love Lincoln. Beer isn’t the only thing you can enjoy. Here are some places that are perfect for people whose routine wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t involve spending time with their friends.


In addition to its proximity to schools, Eastridge is close to family-friendly places including Gateway Mall, Marcus East Park Cinema, restaurants, and parks.

It’s also less than 10 minutes away from Holmes Lake Park for families who love to do outdoor activities together. For families who enjoy the craft beer scene, all you need to do is pass Holmes Lake Park to drink a nice cold brew and some live music.

Taylor Park

Next to Eastridge is Taylor Park, which has a livability score of 83. Because Taylor Park is closer to Gateway Mall, the cost of living, real estate, and rental prices higher than its neighbor Eastridge.

In addition to amenities near East Ridge, Taylor Park is close to several parks and golf courses on the northeastern side of Lincoln. 


Lincoln is a great place to build a life and retire, and companies that buy houses in Lincoln families desire are taking notice. The city has options to match every lifestyle, and it’s a comfortable area to raise a family and retire. Lincoln is also ideal for young college students trying to get their professional start.

If you’re a Nebraskan native and need a “Buy my house Nebraska dream,” we can help. Learn more about our services today!

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