Your Guide to Getting Rid of Dog Smell When Selling a House

Your Guide to Getting Rid of Dog Smell When Selling a House

We all love our four-legged companions, but dog odors can be a significant turn-off for potential buyers when selling a house. 

The familiar pet smell you have grown accustomed to could make a difference in the impressions you leave on visitors. 

The key to a successful home sale often lies in the details, and eliminating dog odor can significantly enhance your home’s appeal. 

This guide is designed for homeowners looking to address this issue effectively and ensure that their home smells fresh and inviting, even if they’ve had a furry friend around for years. After all, ensuring a pleasant home smell can make all the difference in the real estate market.

Getting Rid of Dog Smell When Selling a House

Firstly, understand that dog smell is not just about the odor; it’s about dander, dog hair, and sometimes, the unfortunate messes they make. A common misconception is that a quick spray of a deodorizer or fragrance will do the trick. While these might mask the odor temporarily, they don’t address the root of the problem.

Deep cleaning is your best ally. Start with washing pet bedding, dog beds, and any upholstery your doggy frequents in hot water. Baking soda serves as an excellent DIY odor eliminator. Sprinkle it generously on carpets, leave it for a few hours, and then vacuum. The baking soda absorbs the pet odor and helps remove pet dander.

Steam-cleaning carpets can lift set-in odors, especially if dog urine builds up. Remember that dog urine can sometimes seep into the subfloor, so if the urine smell persists, you should check the subfloor and consider replacing it.

Consider investing in an air purifier for homeowners who have their homes on the market. They’re excellent for filtering out dander and other airborne particles. Changing air filters regularly and letting in fresh air can significantly affect your home’s smell.

Lastly, if DIY solutions aren’t doing the trick, consider hiring professional cleaning services to eradicate all pet smells before potential buyers visit. A realtor or real estate agent can often recommend specialized cleaning services familiar with the challenge of pet odors.

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By taking proactive steps and understanding the sources of dog odor, you can present your home in the best possible light, ensuring it’s ready for the next family to make memories there.

Homeowners with hardwood or tiled floors must remember that dog messes sometimes reach the grooves or grout. Regular mopping might only sometimes remove the embedded smells. 

In such cases, a mix of white vinegar and hot water can be an effective cleaning solution. Vinegar neutralizes odors and is safe for most surfaces. However, always do a patch test first to ensure no discoloration occurs.

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell When Selling a House

Selling a home can be daunting, especially when tackling persistent dog odors. But fret not. There are several methods homeowners can adopt to ensure that their house smell is neutral and inviting for potential buyers.

First, it’s essential to wash items your dog interacts with regularly. This includes dog beds, pet bedding, and any upholstery they lounge on. Always use hot water and a good cleaning agent that can neutralize pet odors. A washing machine does wonders in removing the pet smell, but remember to clean the machine afterward.

Next, focus on the carpets. Pet dander, dog hair, and messes accumulate, turning them into odor hotspots. Baking soda acts as a fantastic DIY solution. 

Generously sprinkle it over your carpets, allowing it to sit and absorb the odor. After a few hours, vacuum thoroughly. Consider a carpet cleaner or steam cleaning for stubborn smells, especially if dog urine has accumulated over time.

Air out your home regularly. Fresh air can neutralize many unwanted scents. Air purifiers can further ensure that dander and minute particles contributing to the dog smell are filtered out. Additionally, homeowners can utilize diffusers with mild fragrances to keep the home smelling fresh.

If you’ve tried DIY methods and still find your home reeking of doggy odors, you might be dealing with more deep-seated issues. Sometimes, pet urine can seep into the drywall or subfloor, and more drastic measures might be required.

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Using Professional Cleaners to Get Rid of a Dog Smell

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, the dog smell lingers. In such cases, it’s worth considering professional cleaning services. They come armed with specialized cleaning products, equipment, and expertise that most homeowners might need access to.

Professionals offer steam cleaning services that penetrate carpets, upholstery, and even drywall to remove stubborn odors, especially from dog urine. 

They are also adept at handling more severe issues like urine that have seeped into the subfloor. Such services involve removing the carpet and treating the subfloor with special solutions or replacing sections.

Air duct cleaning is another service professionals provide. Over time, pet hair, dander, and other contaminants can build up in your home’s air ducts. A thorough cleaning can significantly improve the house’s smell and air quality.

Homeowners can also seek advice on safe and effective products for pet odor removal. An added advantage of hiring professionals is that they can provide insights into preventing future build-ups of odor. For instance, certain air filters can trap pet hair and dander more efficiently than standard ones.

Remember, the objective is to appeal to potential buyers, many of whom might be turned off by even the slightest hint of pet odor. 

If you’re thinking about how to sell your ugly house for cash because of persistent smells, it might be time to seek professional help. 

Using Professional Cleaners to Get Rid of a Dog Smell

Redecorating Your House to Get Rid of a Dog Smell

Redecorating might seem like an unconventional method for eliminating dog smell, but it’s a multifaceted approach that doesn’t just camouflage odors—it actively works to neutralize them while giving your home a fresh and appealing vibe.

  • Fresh Coat of Paint: Over time, walls absorb the odors they’re exposed to, including dog odor. Painting the walls with a new coat of paint, especially one formulated to be odor-neutralizing, can work wonders. 

This is not merely a cosmetic change; certain paint formulas can encapsulate and neutralize smells, offering a two-fold solution: a fresh look and a fresher scent.

  • New Carpets and Rugs: Carpets and rugs trap pet dander, hair, and other particles, becoming significant pet odor sources. 

Consider replacing old carpets or rugs with new ones. Alternatively, if you love the aesthetic of wooden or tiled floors, consider removing the carpet entirely. This gives a modern feel and is easier to clean, preventing pet odors from settling in.

  • Reupholster Furniture: Just like carpets, upholstered furniture can trap dog odors. If your couch or chairs have seen better days and emit a doggy scent, consider reupholstering them. 

New fabric can revitalize your living space, making it look updated and smell fresher. Opt for materials that are easier to clean and resist odors.

  • Introduce Air-Purifying Plants: Some house plants are known to purify the air, helping remove toxins and unwanted scents. 

For instance, spider plants, Boston ferns, and peace lilies are aesthetic and functional. They absorb and neutralize odors, reintroducing fresh oxygen into the room. Plus, they give your space a calming, natural touch.

  • Upgrade Air Filters: While this may not be redecorating in the traditional sense, replacing old HVAC filters with high-efficiency ones can significantly reduce odors. 

These filters are designed to capture even smaller particles, including pet dander, ensuring that the circulating air in your home remains fresh.

  • Utilize Decorative Bowls of Deodorizers: Bowls filled with baking soda or white vinegar, although simple, can be potent odor eliminators. Use decorative bowls or vases to make them fit seamlessly into your decor. 

Place them strategically around your home, especially in areas your dog frequents. They’ll absorb odors, and with the right vessel, they’ll look like a purposeful part of your decor.

In conclusion, when dealing with persistent dog smells, don’t just think of masking them—reinventing and refreshing your space. 

Besides elevating your home’s aesthetics, redecorating can also be a strategic move to create a cleaner, fresher environment, making it more appealing to homeowners and potential buyers.


Selling a home is challenging enough without the lingering scent of our beloved pets. However, even the most stubborn dog smells can be eradicated with deep cleaning, professional services, strategic redecorating, and proactive measures. 

Remember, the key is not just to mask the odors but to eliminate them at their source. Following the guidelines, homeowners can confidently showcase their homes, ensuring that potential buyers are greeted by a fresh, inviting environment rather than off-putting pet odors. 

Making these efforts can mean the difference between a quick sale and a property that lingers on the market.

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