Selling an Ugly House in Nebraska

Does the outside of your home have some strange shapes or peeling paint? Are the rooms inside too small, or does the kitchen look much too old? If you’re not happy with your home and want to sell an ugly house fast in Nebraska, you’ll need to follow the tips outlined below.

In the guide, we explain all the steps necessary to sell an ugly house fast in the state of Nebraska, such as researching the local real estate market and highlighting the best qualities of your home. Keep reading to find out more!

ugly house for sale in Nebraska

Tips for Selling an Ugly House in Nebraska

One of the best ways to sell an ugly home fast is by lowering the sale price of the house. Essentially, you need to subtract the amount it would take to renovate the worst parts of your home from the final sale price. Any real estate agent would advise accepting a fair cash offer after lowering the home sale cost.  

Below, we outline a few other major ways to sell an ugly house fast, such as:

  • Researching the real estate market in Nebraska
  • Researching your competition
  • Outlining the best qualities of your home
  • Commemorating any quirky features
  • Advertising local amenities and benefits
  • Making some home improvements
  • Marketing on social media

Research Nebraska Real Estate Market 

Before selling your house, it is prudent to research the local real estate market. Nebraska has become a great place for job seekers in the last few years. In addition, the industries of renewable energy and manufacturing are making headway throughout the state.

Potential buyers in the Nebraska real estate market buy homes about three days faster than the United States yearly average. The most affordable cities in Nebraska are Bellevue, Fremont, and Omaha-Council Bluffs.

Meanwhile, Lincoln, Kearney, and Grand Island are the least affordable cities. At this time, the Nebraska real estate market is a seller’s market, so even an ugly house can get sold eventually.

Research Competition

Homeowners can work with a realtor to research the local competition and the other home sellers in the market. Selling a house by yourself can get difficult, so find a real estate agent who can help. Check out the market value of your house as compared to other residences in the area.

The selling process of an ugly house should involve figuring out how much better or worse other properties are in the local area and the typical cost of fixer-uppers in your neighborhood. 

Find out if any real estate investors are buying up property in your area to either renovate or tear down. House flippers can buy your residence in its “as is” condition for a reasonable cash offer. 

Highlight Your House’s Qualities

During the home selling process, you need to highlight the best qualities of the house and focus on the potential of your home. House flippers interested in fixer-uppers are most interested in the potential of a place, so make that stand out in the listing. For example, mention the great hardwood floors or the huge amount of space in the basement.

Focus on the areas of the house that can become amazing with a little bit of work and home improvements. That will entice the real estate investors to buy your property. 

Soon, you’ll have a quick cash sale for your ugly house. Investors are usually fine with buying a property in its current condition, as long as the necessary renovations aren’t too extreme nor too much of a hassle.

Celebrate the Quirkiness

Do you have a quirky personality, and you’ve added those elements of your personality to the house? If so, keep them and work with a designer to make them look just right. If you have a bunch of photographs or artwork taped to the walls, add frames and display them on some side tables. 

If the colorful paint on the walls has chipped, you can fix it up with the same colors or choose another vibrant color that makes the room look bigger. You can also improve curb appeal by switching out those cracked potted plants with new modern ones. After all, first impressions count.

Highlight Local Amenities 

Along with focusing on the good qualities of your home, you’ll want to highlight the best local amenities during showings and in your listing.

Is there a great local park for the kids to play on a playground? Or are the schools some of the best in the state? Make sure to highlight these factors. Does the area have incredible restaurants with a wide variety of ethnic foods? Make sure the potential homebuyers know about all of these incentives and the best local amenities.

Is there a nearby pool or YMCA that homebuyers can enjoy? Mention that in the listings as well.

Renovate Your House

You can make some typical home improvements and minor renovations to improve your home and make it easier to sell. Some of the highest priority things that may need fixing include removing leaks, mold, foundational damage, and replacing an old furnace. 

Minor renovations can also get done quickly, such as boosting curb appeal with a new picket fence and shrubbery. Painting the house both inside and out can also make it easier to sell it quickly. 

Advertising on Social Media 

Advertising on Social Media 

Social media is the best way to get as many potential home buyers to look at your listing and potentially check out your property. 

Advertising on social media is an essential part of selling your home. You’ll find that social media and real estate websites like Zillow or Redfin can widen your search for homebuyers and find you that specific investor who will buy your ugly house.

If you have any open houses, make sure to mention that on social media sites as well. This is a great way to get more people to come to your open house.

Should You Sell Your Ugly House As Is?

You can usually sell your ugly house in its “as is” condition, which means you won’t conduct any major home repairs or renovations ahead of the sale. Some of the benefits of selling your house as-is include saving time and money along with fewer hassles related to renovations.

Renovating an entire house of 2,500 square feet can cost as much as $150,000. Therefore, selling it in its current state can save you plenty of money. However, you will need to lower the price of the home when selling it as is. It can also become difficult to sell a place in its current condition. Nonetheless, you could try finding cash home buyers in Nebraska

Could You Sell Your Ugly House for Cash?

Seek out real estate investors and companies that buy houses in Omaha when trying to sell your ugly house in its current condition for cash. Before you know it, you’ll move through the cash offer process for a house in Nebraska. Investors and cash buyers do not require a lender or a loan, which streamlines the home sales process. 

In addition, we buy homes in Lincoln and other cities in Nebraska. So you can sell your ugly house to investors quickly in its current as-is condition.


If you want to sell an ugly house fast, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined above. You’ll need to highlight the best qualities of the house, emphasize the local amenities, and conduct minor renovations to sell your outdated home more quickly. 

Soon, you’ll have the cash from a real estate investor and begin choosing a new place to live. 

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