Selling Your House As-Is

Selling a house by yourself can be a tough journey. It’s hard to find someone who buys houses in any condition, especially if it’s not in ideal condition. For that reason, an as-is home sale can seem daunting. However, we’re here to help you get the top price for your home upfront and make the process as simple as possible.

This piece includes house selling tips to avoid scams and information about cash home buyers. Selling your Nebraska home to a cash buyer is a great move financially. But it comes with a few risks you should be aware of. Whether you face foreclosure, have unwanted inherited property, or plan on downsizing, Element Homebuyers can help you get a fair cash offer.

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Who Buys Houses As-is in Nebraska?

The first step to selling your house as-is in Nebraska is to find the right buyers. But who buys houses as-is in Lincoln, and who buys houses in any condition? There are companies out there ready to buy your home no matter what the condition is. The reason is that as-is houses have value in Nebraska, especially in Lincoln, because real estate is desirable.

Potential homebuyers can include real estate investors, and developers are the most common buyers of as-is homes. While people looking to move in and live in a home may not want a fixer-upper, those in the real-estate business don’t mind a bit of work.

Whether they plan to flip and renovate the house or knock it down to build new commercial or residential properties, they often show interest. Businesses like us, Element Homebuyers, help match you with the ideal buyer with a cash offer. We want you to get the top price for your as-is home.

What Are Cash House Buyers?

Cash house buyers are what they sound like; they pay with their own funds for your as-is home in Nebraska. So, a cash buyer is not taking a loan out from a bank or other lender, but instead, they have all of the money in their possession to pay you in full. It usually isn’t cold hard cash, but the idea is the same. And unlike other buyers, they usually won’t try to lowball you.

Many companies that buy houses Lincoln homeowners sell are cash house buyers, which is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to get rid of their house and make some decent money. Cash home buyers Omaha homeowners sell to are also common in Nebraska! Both Omaha and Lincoln are hotspots for cash purchases, so if you live in one of these areas, we buy houses Nebraska owners sell and would love to help you out.

The as-is house can be in any state: we buy ugly houses, houses in poor condition, and unwanted property at a fair price to the homeowner.

What Are House Flippers?

House flippers purchase houses in less-than-ideal condition from homeowners and then renovate the house or ‘flip’ them, to sell it again and profit. The idea is that the cost of the renovations and purchase combined is less than the final sale price after the flip.

When selling your Nebraska home to a house flipper, you often don’t need a real estate agent or real estate broker. And we can help you find an interested house flipper for your Nebraska home. House flippers often make a cash offer when a house is heading toward foreclosure.

Be Aware of Cash Home Buyer Scams

Although there are excellent cash home-buyers that pride themselves on honesty and integrity, not every company has the same ethics. There are plenty of cash home buyer scams that people fall for every day.

Keep the following signs in mind as you communicate with the company. If they have any of these traits, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a scam. But if they take on several of these characteristics you should look at more trusted home buying businesses like Element Homebuyers.

Signs of Buyer Scam:

These are some red flags to look out for when dealing with a cash home buyer:

Foreign Buyer

If a foreign homebuyer says they saw the house and want to make an offer sight unseen, alarms should go off in your head – especially if they are from China and Canada, as these are popular locations where people run the scams.

Unavailable Buyer

A foreign home buyer may also be available, blaming the time difference or international phone calls. But any buyer that never responds to emails or texts promptly and never answers the phone or asks to come to see the place is likely a scammer. Usually, they will send you a cashier’s check that could expose your private bank information to them if deposited.

TMI Buyer

Scammers aren’t worried about their private information being stolen because they aren’t real. So, if they offer you bank statements and unsolicited financial information, they are likely a scammer. Because who else would do that?

Super Eager Buyer

Scammers will likely bring up payment before you ever do, as they want to get the scam done before you figure out what’s happening.

Buyer Makes Mistakes

They make mistakes like sending too much money and then asking you to send it back. Mistakes like this are their way of robbing you of your money before you realize they never actually sent real money.

Signs of an Investor Scam:

If you’re dealing with an investor, watch out for this type of behavior that likely means it’s a scam:

Sketchy Advertising

Real investors will buy decent advertising that looks and sounds legitimate, not papers on a hone pole, like a yard sale.

Unprofessional Investor

If the investor behaves unprofessionally, asks pushy questions, or pressures you to sign things, it’s likely a scam. Legit investors will have a business email and answer the phone by stating their name rather than a casual greeting.

No References

If you ask for references or ask around about an investor and no one knows them and they can’t provide anything to back up their identity, they are almost for sure a scammer.

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Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

There are so many benefits of selling your house for cash and to a buyer who buys houses in any condition. Frankly, there are very few downsides to getting rid of your unwanted home. But to help you understand what a great opportunity a cash buyer is, check out these incredible benefits.

  • No appraisal is necessary, as the cash buyer and you can agree on a price around market value.
  • You can complete the deal on the house fast rather than waiting for loan approvals and save on closing costs and get a sooner closing date.
  • A cash buyer is often less risky than someone taking out a loan.
  • Selling to a cash buyer is much easier than dealing with real estate agents and potential financiers, making it more stress-free.
  • When making a home sale as-is, there’s no need to waste money on repair costs; home sellers rejoice!
  • You can avoid the negotiating table, as cash purchases are more casual and flexible than people who want to finance or use liens.
  • There is significantly less paperwork involved in a fair cash offer, making the house selling process more streamlined and easy.
  • You’ll save on commission fees because you won’t need to deal with any realtors. Agent commissions and realtor commissions can be expensive, so this is an excellent benefit.


Don’t put yourself through the hassle of hiring a real estate agent, dealing with home repairs, and invasive showings. You can skip the negotiation table and forget the mountains of paperwork when you sell your house to cash home buyer companies.

Keeping an eye out for scams is usually the hardest part of selling your house for cash. But you can avoid this risk by contacting Element Homebuyers first. You’ll get the best experience and be delighted with how simple the process is!

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