How To Sell A House In Nebraska – A Guide To Selling Your Home Quickly

Everyone wants to list their house and get an offer quickly that accepts the listing price without any haggling. That’s the dream, but it’s an unlikely scenario. However, it’s not out of the question to sell your house very quickly. You either have to be smart, savvy, or open to different sale options. But whichever way you go, there are ways to encourage buyers to put down an offer sooner than later so you don’t spend months wondering when a sale might happen. Here is a guide to selling your home quickly.

How To Guide To Selling Your Home Quickly In Nebraska

House with for sale sign in front yardPrice to Sell

The easiest way to sell your house quickly is to make it as appealing as you possibly to buyers from a price perspective. If you’re selling on the market, you’ve got plenty of competition out there. If you’re willing to price your house below market value, you’re going to not only draw interest but also deal-seekers who are willing to move quickly to buy your home. Of course, that means you’re going to start with a lower price than you might have wanted, which means you stand to make less on the sale. But if it’s about speed, that’s the ideal way to make it happen on the market.

Consider Curb Appeal

You can do a lot of work making the inside of your home look as great as possible but it doesn’t matter too much if the exterior looks terrible. While some buyers will first see your listing online, others will discover it by driving past and bad curb appeal can doom a house to remain on the market longer as potential buyers keep on driving. Think about what your house looks like to others and how you might be able to make a good first impression a great one. Put a fresh coat of paint on the garage and any fence. Mow the lawn regularly and consider hiring a landscaper to make everything look nicer. Clean up the garage so that it looks clean if the door is open. These are all things potential buyers are seeing and thinking about when they make their first impressions.

Clean & Declutter

house with cleaning supplies

It should go without saying but you’re always going to want to make sure your house is in pristine condition for any potential buyers. Not doing so puts you in peril of turning off potential buyers who can’t see past the mess. The house needs a thorough cleaning, either by yourself or by hiring a professional cleaner. While that’s happening, look out for problem areas like cracks in the wall that need to be fixed or sorted. If you feel like a lot of your furniture or keepsakes don’t speak to a wide audience of potential buyers, consider putting them in storage. Don’t just throw everything in the closet because buyers will certainly want to look in those as well. If you can afford to, rent a storage space and keep your items there. And just remember to keep the buyers’ point of view in mind when it comes to how your house looks.

Fix Now, Sell Sooner

As part of the cleaning process, you should be keeping an eye out for any problems or damage that are sure to stand out. It’s going to be hard to sell your house quickly when buyers are distracted by water damage or cracks in the walls that require money and time to fix. So if you want to make things move quicker, consider taking care of these problems now. Fix any cracks in the walls or floors. Replace any stained carpets or shoddy deck boards. Sort out any mold damage you see and seek out any termite or animal damage that might exist. Basically, you don’t want to give buyers any reasons to second guess their offer. It will likely cost money to make these upgrades but that’s a part of selling your house on the market.

Hire a Photographer & Stager

How is your home’s decor? Is it lots of quirky artwork, old furniture, and well-worn fixtures? Your home currently looks and feels like you, but that’s not what you want, especially if you’re trying to sell fast. Buyers don’t want to see what it looks like as your house, they want to see what it might look like as their house. Consider bringing in a home stager who can replace your outdated furniture with the right colors and designs to appeal to modern buyers. You’ll also want to hire a photographer to find the right angles and bright spots that make your house look as good as possible. When speed is a factor, this is money that you can spend because a well-staged home with good photography is statistically way more likely to sell fast compared to one without both.

Be a Buyer’s Best Friend

If you think the home-selling process is stressful, so is the buying process. Buyers are trying to fit all of the showings and research into their own schedule and have their own financial concerns to consider. They don’t want to have to deal with persnickety sellers or bend over backward for the right to make you an offer. So think about how you can make the process as simple and welcoming as possible for them. Let them see the house outside of open house hours. Give buyers the time and space they need so they can make a decision that feels good. And don’t pressure them or make harsh demands, or you’re likely to have a home that sits on the market rather than one that sells quick.

Sell the House As-Is

If it’s all about selling your house quickly, the open market isn’t always the way to do it. Even if you do everything right and go above and beyond, the house still may not sell fast. And if it does sell, you’re probably not going to get the price you want thanks to concessions and competition.

So you may want to consider selling the home to a professional home buying company like Element Homebuyers. They will buy your house as-is, pay cash for it, and close in a matter of days or whenever it works for you. You can’t get much quicker than that. Even if the house is damaged or comes with concerns that would scare off other buyers, they can work with you on a fair offer so you can sell your house quickly and start moving forward.

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