What To Know When Relocating To Omaha, Nebraska

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to relocate. It might be for work or it might be because of a lifestyle change. Your company could decide to relocate you or you might find yourself needing to make a move quickly. Just like that, you have to consider so many things all at once. This is compounded if you’re making a move with your family or if you own a house and need to sell it fast. Here is what you need to know when relocating to Omaha, Nebraska.

Tips for relocating to Omaha, Nebraska

Visit First

If you have the time, there’s no reason not to take a trip and avoid going in blind when moving to a new location. It’s the best way to get a feel for the many neighborhoods and get a lay of the land. Internet research can tell you high-level information, but you don’t really know what a place feels like until you’ve actually spent a little time there. Being aware of local activities can help immerse yourself into the community. Bring a guidebook with you and ask the concierge at your hotel to provide some suggestions on places that locals like to go to. Don’t just go see the tourist traps because that won’t really tell you what it’s like to live there. Omaha is full of historic, eclectic, and interesting neighborhoods so make sure you tour as many as you can to see which ones speak to you.

Do Some Crowdsourcing

Ask yourself if you know anyone who lives in Nebraska, or even better, actually lives in Omaha. People love to talk about where they’re from and are often full of information and opinions about the best things to do and where to live. Try not to take everything completely at face value because everyone has their own experiences, but if you notice recurring trends in what different people tell you, consider that as something you’ll want to remember. You might also want to let people know on your social media channels that you are looking to move to Omaha and you’ll likely get plenty of feedback that way as well.

Research SchoolsBack of a Omaha School Bus

If you have children or are planning to have children, you’re going to want to do your research on the local school system. Resources such as Niche, Great Schools, and US News all offer their own rankings based on various data. If you’re going to send your kids to public school, consider which neighborhoods are aligned with the schools you are considering. Where you live will dictate which direction they go. If you’re considering a private school, you’ll want to compare each of them against one another to determine which provides the best value and offers your kids the best opportunity to succeed.

Consider Your Budget

Moving to another city or state is going to cost you money, and that’s not including how much it will cost to buy or rent a new home. According to Moving.com, the average cost of an interstate move is around $4,900. Even if you go the DIY route, you’ll still have to put up plenty of money on supplies, a moving truck, and plenty of expenses that add up pretty quick. The best way to figure out which system works for you is to establish what your moving budget is. Know what your limit will be (make sure you include room for unknown expenses that are bound to come up). Make a list of all the expenses you know you’re going to incur and then see where everything stacks up. Note that some employers will offset some or all of your moving costs, so if you’re moving because of a job relocation, find out how much they’ll cover as part of that.

Find a New Homehouse for sale in Omaha

In theory, you’ll already have an idea of where you’re going to live by the time you move to Omaha. It might be part of your visit or it might be that it was included in your job relocation. But if not, you’ll want to come up with a gameplan. You may need to find a short-term rental so you don’t end up rushing into a house you don’t like that much. That’d be a terrible way to start your journey here. Giving yourself a chance to settle into the city also gives you some time to know it better and figure out where you and your family feel comfortable. It will also allow you time to find a reputable real estate agent or resource who knows Omaha well and can help you find the right home.

Forward Your Mail

Remembering to forward your mail to your Omaha address is such a simple step but so easy to forget. We live in a digital world now but it’s critically important to make sure you set up a forwarding service with the post office. Just go to USPS.com and follow the instructions. Try to start mail forwarding a day or so before you actually move, so there isn’t much of a lag at your new address. Also, remember to change your address with companies who ship to you regularly (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), update your prescriptions, and change the address on any credit cards, banks, etc. You’ll save yourself quite a few headaches.

Check Local Licenses

If you’re moving from outside of Nebraska, that means you’re going to have to get a new driver’s license. However, you also want to think about what other licenses and fees you might have to pay. If you have pets you’ll need to get a new pet license for each one. Your car might require new parking passes or registration requirements, and you’ll certainly need new license plates. Check with the City of Omaha website to see what other things you need to be mindful of when moving here.

Sell Your House

While you’re focused on where you’re headed, don’t forget that you actually need to sort out everything where you live now. The most important thing is that, if you own a house, you need to sell it. Listing your house on the open market is risky because you’re probably looking at a couple of months, at least, before you go under contract, and you’ll have to deal with plenty of fees and costs. If your move is sudden or it’s really important to align your move to specific dates, you might want to consider selling your house to an investor. Reputable companies like Element Homebuyers have worked with sellers in this situation before and understand what is involved. They can give you a fair, cash offer quickly and let you get on with all of the other things you need to worry about during a relocation.

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