Sell a House in an Undesirable Location

Selling your house is no easy feat, and living in a less than desirable location does not make it any easier. Fortunately, you can still sell your house at a reasonable price despite its location. Not every home will have all the factors to consider it a “good location”, but that does not mean you can’t sell your house.

A “good location” is typically close to major communities, has plenty of amenities (grocery stores, schools, shopping malls), and has room for additional development down the road. Less desirable locations will be further away from major cities or invaluable amenities or are underdeveloped when compared to surrounding locales.

You may worry that selling in an undesirable area will not get you the offer amount you’d like, but this is not a hopeless situation. Even if real estate agents are struggling to sell your home, you can find companies that buy houses in Lincoln and other areas. 

Whether you prefer to tackle the issue on your own, work with a realtor, or find a cash home buyer, there are steps you can take to increase the desirability of your home. Below, you’ll read through some tips on how to take matters into your own hands, as well as make connections that will help you sell your house.

Sell a House in an Undesirable Location in Nebraska

Is It Easy to Sell a House in an Undesirable Location in Nebraska

No matter where you are trying to sell your house, the most important factor is location. As mentioned previously, bad locations can make this process trickier, but it is certainly still possible. 

Some of the most popular, small cities in Nebraska with significant buying rates are Seward, Aurora, and Chalco. These smaller cities are within reasonable driving distance from major cities (mainly Lincoln and Omaha) and have high-rated amenities. Selling in locations similar to these small cities is easier than in those further away from Lincoln or Omaha.

If you plan on selling a house by yourself, the process can be overwhelming, but you can avoid real estate agent fees. You can also work with homebuyers to assist you in the process of selling if the idea of doing it all yourself is too much. Luckily, you don’t have to look far because we buy houses in Nebraska

Tips for Selling a House in an Undesirable Location in Nebraska

Selling a house is not a straightforward process for anyone. If you’re thinking “I wish someone would buy my house in Omaha,” you’re not alone! Luckily, there are some tips that you can use to make the process simpler. 

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced home seller, the tips below will make selling your home in an undesirable location easier to handle. 

Upgrade Your House

If the location puts off potential buyers, give them something great to look at right off the bat when they visit for an open house. Increase the curb appeal and make sure everything is in tip-top shape to interest prospective buyers. 

Nebraska experiences extreme seasons, so think about how the lawn should look in the summer. If you’re selling your house during this time of year, make it inviting for families or newly married couples.

A fresh coat of paint, impeccable landscaping, and room for a buyer’s imagination when it comes to enjoying the sunshine go a long way. 

Additionally, consider updating appliances in your home as well. Air conditioning and heating are two critical factors for homes that will weather snow, rain, and sun. It is also time to look into some minor renovations. Leaky faucets, doors that may not close fully, anything that potential buyers will notice that can lose their interest.

Perfect House Staging

For houses in undesirable locations, you’ll want to host as many open houses and private showings as possible. In doing so, you want to make a lasting impression on potential buyers with the great living possibilities of your home.

There are some simple but effective steps you can take to create the perfect stage for potential home buyers. Make sure to declutter rooms and pack away any unnecessary items to let the buyer picture the home’s potential. While it seems obvious, it is potentially the most important step to take. A great first impression starts with a clean home.

Next, do a bit of remodeling for the home staging. Patch and repair any holes, scratches, or other mishaps to further enhance that first impression. Reapply paint in any chipped areas and clean any scoffs away from walls. When cleaning, focus as much attention as you can on the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. These are the most important rooms to buyers. 

Finally, keep the house as depersonalized as possible. This allows potential buyers to imagine how the house would look if they lived there. If possible, use neutral colors when decorating. Use plants (fake or real) to help the home maintain a fresh environment, and allow both natural and artificial light to work its magic by opening blinds and turning on lights.

Incentivize Homebuyers

Incentives can be a great way to harbor more interest in your home when selling. If work still needs to be done on the house when you try to sell, you can offer potential buyers incentives for repairs. You can also cover closing costs or offer financing options. Instead of reducing your asking price, you can offer to buy down the loan (pay points to lower the borrower’s interest rate).

Another incentive to look into is HOA dues credit. If the home you’re selling is in a homeowner’s association (HOA) that charges dues, you can offer to cover this for a certain amount of time. This will be one less bill that a new homeowner will have to worry about and can be a great incentive.

If you decide to offer incentives, be sure to check Nebraska’s state laws regarding what can or can’t be incentivized when selling your home.

Highlight the Positives of the Area
Highlight the Positives of the Area

Highlight the Positives of the Area

Perhaps your neighborhood has an amazing school system with a low crime rate. There are bound to be positives even when living in an undesirable location, so be sure to talk those up during open houses and showings. 

If the snowplows clean your street promptly, let them know! If your neighbors get together monthly for a potluck, talk about it! Maybe the Girl Scouts set up shop right at the end of your block every year. As long as it would bring potential buyers, it’s worth mentioning.

Be Upfront About the Undesirable Location

It is probably best to acknowledge the location to your buyers since they most likely already know it is not desirable. Being honest about this obstacle can help you connect with potential buyers. It may also let them know you aren’t trying to pull the wool over their eyes. 

If your home is in a bad neighborhood or on a busy street, discuss the shortcomings of the location, but be sure to follow any negatives up with positives about the home as well.

Being honest in this type of situation is more beneficial in the long run for you and the potential buyer. If you have a good working relationship with the buyer of your home, you can both get a deal that works for each of you.

In Conclusion

While you may have some additional steps to take when selling your home in an undesirable area, it is not impossible to do. 

Take extra time when showing your home, and keep in mind the first impression your house gives to potential buyers. Use incentives if you need to increase interest in your property. Disclose any problem areas, such as the home’s location, and follow up with positive aspects of the property.

Keep in mind that there are alternative ways to sell a house, such as cash home buyers, who can give you a cash offer that reflects your home’s value. 

Explore your options and use the tips above to ensure you sell your house, even if it is in an undesirable location.

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